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5 Reasons to Book your UKCAT Early

Applications open today for the 2014 UKCAT test. While the examinations don’t start until July 1st, candidates are already rushing to get their tests in the diary. Here’s why you should be doing the same…

1. It’s Cheaper

Taking the UKCAT between July and August will set you back £65. It’s hardly cheap at the best of times, but leaving it until September or October increases the cost to £80. For those yet to practice the Quantitative Reasoning paper, that’s a whole £15 you’ll never see again. And they don’t need the money, trust us…

2. It Gives you Time to Plan

The earlier you take the UKCAT, the earlier you’ll know your score. Hopefully it’ll be a good one, but either way it’s better to know sooner rather than later. You can then base your university research on this, applying to (or avoiding) those who place a strong influence on your test results. For more information on this, check out our article on How Universities Use the UKCAT Score.

3. You Can Postpone

If you book an early test and later fall ill or just feel like you’re not quite prepared enough, you can simply postpone your testing date until later in the year. Alternatively if you book the test for the last possible minute and wake up feeling rough, there’s nowhere to run to!

4. Keep it Local

There are only so many exam centres, with a limited number of slots. By booking early you maximise your chances of being able to take the test close to home. The later you leave it, the more likely it is you’ll need to travel.

5. Get in the Zone

Taking the UKCAT makes medical school applications feel much more real. For that reason, it’s good to get your head in the game and start thinking about things early. It also means you’re not stressing over the UKCAT when UCAS applications are looming. The UKCAT don’t publish any data on how candidates perform over time, but there’s evidence from other similar tests that people who take tests early generally do better – probably because they’re organised, forward-thinking people, but who knows. If it was me, I’d want a piece of those odds…

To book your UKCAT test today, head to www.ukcat.ac.uk or check out our practice revision apps.

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Dripfeed UKCAT Tips
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