Getting Started with Trac

Setting-up your Anaesthetic Logbook
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Getting Started with Trac

Earlier today, we announced the release of Trac, our new anaesthetic logbook app for Androidâ„¢.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing a number of tutorials showing you how to get started entering records. Check out the first in the series above.

Video Features:

  • Setting-up the app
  • Adding your first case
  • Adding anaesthetics and procedures
  • The patient view and list view
DripFeed Admin
DripFeed Admin
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  • J Kuehne

    Great App,

    I am a Consutant and practice pre-hospital care, Intensive Care and Retrieval.

    Would be nice to have modules for those areas of anaesthetic practice.

    Can d.o.b for patient be a selection field?
    Can age be calculated automatically for that?
    Supervision should have a None or Not applicable option for SAS and Consultants.

    Great work, about time for a decent Android Logbook App

    • DripFeed Admin
      DripFeed Admin

      Thanks for the feedback! I’m ICU and created the app for the very same reason – that most other logbooks are very theatre-oriented and not that flexible when it comes to subspecialties. Included in the next release will be further tools for clinicians like yourself who do perform slightly more unusual roles and need custom data – hopefully it will prove useful.

      Since this video was created, the DOB field automatically populates the age, but I agree it should be a date select field. Supervision now has the option to select ‘solo’.

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