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Bringing your RCOA Logbook into the App
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Importing Other Logbooks into Trac

In our last tutorial we looked at how to get Trac set up on your Android phone. In this next video in the series, we’re looking at the app’s import functions.

Many anaesthetists will be using alternative logbooks such as the Royal College of Anaesthetists logbook or iGasLog for iPhone. This tutorial walks you through the process of exporting your data in a format that Trac can use, and uploading the records to your phone.

Video Features:

  • Exporting from the RCoA Logbook
  • Opening the file from your phone or Dropbox
  • Importing the records into Trac

Standard Order

In the video, we discuss the standard order in which records should be exported from the RCoA logbook. The format we use is the default order used by most logbooks, so you shouldn’t have to mess around with it much. If you want to double check your export before importing to Trac, you can download a sample copy (in .csv format) here:

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