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The VR section of the test is the first encountered by candidates, and aims to “assesses ability to critically evaluate information that is presented in a written form” – essentially reading passages of text, and making interpretations about the content.


The test is made up of 11 passages of text, typically 300-400 words in length. Each passage then has 4 questions to answer, of which there are two formats:

True/False/Can't Tell

You will be presented with a statement (e.g. “The author believes that dog leads are a good idea”). You must then decide, using only the information in the passage, whether the statement is true, false, or whether you can’t tell. This question type makes up the vast majority of the paper.


You will be presented with four statements, and will need to select the one answer which is best supported by the passage. This type of question can take considerably longer than the last, as you may need to analyse all four statements against the passage separately.

Ultimately, the best way to get to grips with these question types is to start practicing early.

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